The strife between the teacher and the girl 2° trial “Victim’s Diary” – Vocaloid English Lyrics

“If thats true I can’t go to the paradise”.
“If you desired it, I’ll take you now there”
“Sensei* what lesson is this?… It’s dark I can’t see anything”
“There’s nothing to be afraid of. I’m here.”

You were covering a lie I noticed by myself.
Someday you  wanna to be confort
At least I wanna become and angel.

Sensei, did you see me?
Did I scared you? You are shivering
The pain in my body is releasing my soul. With theory help me.
The devil inside of me is going out.
If I can grown wings
will be fine for us to kiss?
“Mom is always in a bad mood. Dad don’t return from his job”
“That’s very piful. Tell me all”
“My classmates call me with strange nicknames”
“I’ll calm all that karma”
Everytime I couldn’t sleep, inside of my head,
I continue to ask if there’s any meaning for live
Inside of the dark I found only an answer
I had been always alone
I want to be needed by someone
Whoever was fine.
Sensei, I’m sorry.
Hey, my body is full of bruises
It end up aching, it’s painful
Sensei, did you see it?
Your eyes reflect just me
Somehow is something lovely, right? The devil smiled
I see you going crazy
I just felt relieved
You’re body is crumbling on the contrary my mind is being fuldilled
The devil that possessed me, sympathized with you.

Goodbye, Sensei.

***Sensei means teacher, I leave it like “sensei” in the song because I think it’s better like that!

Thanks for reading! as always if you find any mistake please let me know ^_ ^

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