Alethea~ English Translation

The broken fragments scattered about
My blank field of vision is going to fade away again

Causing pain I get injured
My voice screams now

I still cannot go back  and keep on walking
It cannot be as that time anymore
My body continually shaking is grating
On the water’s surface drip is annoying

Incessantly the fresh blood is flowing
I gaze at it as I fall down
I cannot feel pain anymore. The sensation
endlessly depict despair.

The scar begins to ache
My tears poured was going to dry up completely

I close my eyes and pray
I want to be hugged by you someday

The hatred chains spread from the
shackles in my foot. The scar
deeply digs out in my memories, I hold it tight
I cannot think anything else.

My consciousness collapse. I loose
everything, my memories are just smashed up.
The dull edge shines stick into
The fresh blood flows marking the end.


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