Insanity Girl- Rin Kagamine- English translation

With my eyes close I see
your tender smiling face.
When I open my eyes I see your cold glance
Who are you?

Your sweet voice
a malicious action too
I hate that everything I loved
came to an end

How could I get you back?
I’ll do anything
Is nothing enough?
I don’t need a word without you

If I chase you I’ll reach you, I’ll be always chasing you
But when I touch your fingertips you run away
Even if it just for my body or it’s all a lie I don’t mind
If I can be at your side

You hold me and mutter “sorry” then left me.
Aa, I heard the faint sound of something broken

Two hearts that separate, never come together again,
just everything flows like yesterday, like the past.

Even if we were together you advanced alone, I won’t forgive that
I hate you
You leave me behind, you’re bad.

“you don’t like it” forcibly I pull you again to my side
Your scared face is lovely
I send kisses through all your heart

Nobody will come even if you shout
This is our paradise
Your shivering pupils just reflects me now

Around, around the gear of fate turns
Since you refuse me I destroy everything.

With this you are just mine
fleeting the light shakes
Scatter break “into little pieces”

For sweet love, a little of pain feels good
You tell me that
Hey, why won’t we try it together?

I’ll carve my name, in your delicious body
So you will understand who you belong to, right?
Don’t worry, not be sad
Don’t do that face
I’m very happy now

Hey, an eternity vow
Instead of a ring I’ll give you this
Shackles for your thin feet
a necklace for your slender neck
I won’t let you “go away”

A secret place, that nobody knows, wrapped by distorted love
I won’t allow an interruption
goodbye to the word where we split

Original video

Thanks for reading! please let me know if there are any mistake ^_^


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