Nothing I can’t do

The sky with signs of rain, the small sunlight  shaking in
the crack of every tree dazzling shining.

The past is being bent by the wind gusts

My heart excited changes to a phantom of despair
“I can’t reach you
The advance of time changes into a ravine of fate.
“Help me!”

The world is a refrain of a storm and radiance
“I found you
Since I wake up would I have a place to go? I feel anxious

The bottom of my heart  changes to the hope of the future
“Kiss me”
Since the curse was spelled time begin to advances
“Hurry, wake up…”

Sleeping forever
So now you could treat me gently

You are in front of me, I believed in you
you have the power of calm me with a hug

From the loneliness, together we’ll do something
“high in the sky”
I’ll watch you from the beginning place until the end


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