The Last Supper- English translation- VanaN’Ice

Why won’t you eat me?
Even if I’m tasteless
I hate to stay here
If you eat me we’ll live together
We meet again

So, this night will also be a fun dinner
The knife in the right hand
The fork in the left
Taste it, let’s eat
Tonight is a special night
We prepared an extraordinary fest
Please, it eat all

“Which flavor do you like?”
“Your satisfaction”
“If I don’t eat meat. I’ll make a prank”
“I want to eat a lot”

Itadakimasu” *

The oozing blood dye completely  red even that important memories
The sad melody continue to resound inside of my head breakig me
I want to meet you
It’s not enough
I want more
Skillfully mince all scattered
I’ll clean it all

The next one is…

“For living you have to sacrifice other living things, right?”
“Eat it all, delicious, at least it is a compensation”

Thank you…for the food

If you receive it pleased. I’ll give you my more important thing
Even if we can’t meet anymore, your smile will be always blooming in my heart.

Why am I standing here?
Why am I living here?
With my tongue I feel your smiling face, also your painful and lovely smell.
It’s presing me hard
I noticed your feelings
If you can live
That’s all I wish

There is no one left…

*Expression used before meals to express gratitude.


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