Relief – IA- Sele

I feel your warmth, obstructed far away The desire of sadness, guiding me to eternity Inside of the misted hand, melting collapsing The captured body is creaking, breaking.   Being captured, looking at the moon illuminating the dark night sky Absorbed in lonesome, pain, I continue to cry From my injured memories The draw warmth […]

Bright Snow- IA english translatio

I want to tell you I’ve been desiring the day we met the snow continually falls fluttering down we made a vow at that moment the pain spread to eternity, continually the cold snow scape  shut up my heart the falling snow endlessly invites me to a white world the pure emotion left a mark […]

N° 28 English translation

Even if you said we separated I’m gonna lose everything,  My thoughts go around inside of many seasons, I continue, wishing the same Captured in the cage the bird sings seeking for free The chains o continue to entanglement me The time even now peaceful flows I just want be with you We laugh together, […]

Lilium Dolls ~ English translation

Like a dream, I don’t realize pain broken I am becoming unable to feel even if it hurts. Being pulled by strings, still manipulated I continue to shed tears and blood Screaming for help, till I become hoarse I just did the same again continue as a doll, always suffering the body mince still broke […]

Alethea~ English Translation

The broken fragments scattered about My blank field of vision is going to fade away again Causing pain I get injured My voice screams now I still cannot go back  and keep on walking It cannot be as that time anymore My body continually shaking is grating On the water’s surface drip is annoying Incessantly […]

Philia english translation

I was crying, wanted to be loved My blank pupils somehow lonely The flowing blood drag along my body The hurted body continues to broke I wanted to meet you Secretly, over broken Don’t say it but scream that word fragilely  is collapsing Every day was scorned I started to hate all The wings were […]