The Last Supper- English translation- VanaN’Ice

Why won’t you eat me? Even if I’m tasteless I hate to stay here If you eat me we’ll live together We meet again So, this night will also be a fun dinner The knife in the right hand The fork in the left Taste it, let’s eat Tonight is a special night We prepared […]

【神威がくぽ KAITO 鏡音レン】「The Last Supper」

どうして食べてくれないの? だって不味そうだから 残されるのは嫌だな 食べて 生きて 一緒に また会えたね さあ今夜も楽しい食事だ ナイフ右手 フォーク左手 味わって食べましょう 今宵は特別な夜だから ”とびきりのご馳走を用意しました” どうぞ全部召し上がれ 「どんな味付けがお好みですか?」 「あなたの思うがままに」 「お肉をくれなきゃ いたずらするぞ」 「お腹いっぱい食べたい」 「イタダキマス」 あんなに大切だった思い出も 真っ赤に染まった 血で滲んでく 悲しい旋律が 頭の中で 響き続け 僕を壊していく 君に会いたい まだまだ足りない もっともっと欲しいの 上手に切り刻み バラバラ 全部 綺麗にしてあげる 次は…の番 「生きていく為に 他の生き物 みんな犠牲にしてるでしょ」 「全部美味しく食べてあげること せめてもの 償いです」 アリガトウ ゴチソウサマ 君が喜んでくれるかな 僕は一番大切なものをあげる 例えもう二度と会えなくなっても 心に笑顔ずっと咲いている サヨナラ どうして僕はここに立っているの? どうして僕はここに生きているの? 舌で感じた君の面影も 切なく愛しい君の匂いも 僕を締め付けていく 気付いた君の気持ちを 君が生きていけるのなら […]

Relief – IA- Sele

I feel your warmth, obstructed far away The desire of sadness, guiding me to eternity Inside of the misted hand, melting collapsing The captured body is creaking, breaking.   Being captured, looking at the moon illuminating the dark night sky Absorbed in lonesome, pain, I continue to cry From my injured memories The draw warmth […]

Beats Of Silence- Kokone English Lyrics

I don’t forget the feeling of hugging you Inside of loneliness I continue to cry Believing in a phantom I was regretting it My memory is empty, my feelings are crossing. In a quiet night it resound the sound of rain pass through My face is reflected in the pool looking something distant. The time […]

The strife between the teacher and the girl 2° trial “Victim’s Diary” – Vocaloid English Lyrics

“If thats true I can’t go to the paradise”. “If you desired it, I’ll take you now there” “Sensei* what lesson is this?… It’s dark I can’t see anything” “There’s nothing to be afraid of. I’m here.” You were covering a lie I noticed by myself. Someday you  wanna to be confort At least I […]

先生と少女騒動~第一審公判~ The strife between the teacher and the girl English Lyrics

You’re locked up in a miniature garden I’ll keep you here until you can grow wings I’ll raise you carefully, so you won’t broke I know what is called “now” is an ephemeral irony of the previous days so -Your feeling is passed Contrary to your feelings Redly it become swollen. For the ideal I […]

The truth of the twilight- IA- English & Romaji

English- The Truth of the Twilight- Where did you went, with who did you meet? All the doors of the future are closed. One year ago I completely lost my memory, but now it turn back. How? I asked that child with honest eyes With this medicine all of you will become able, however You […]

The gift from the princess that bring sleep – Hatsune Miku – English & Romaji Lyrics

English Please sleep with this gift you will sleep nice with this gift I am the princess that will make you  sleep for the sake of your happiness… Our marriage was arranged by politics, but I still loved you you lose your mind in desire, an incompetence playboy however I liked you from before I’m […]