The Last Supper- English translation- VanaN’Ice

Why won’t you eat me? Even if I’m tasteless I hate to stay here If you eat me we’ll live together We meet again So, this night will also be a fun dinner The knife in the right hand The fork in the left Taste it, let’s eat Tonight is a special night We prepared […]

Twilight NighT – 8 vocaloid English & Romaji Lyrics

English The cast Villager girl ・・・∞・・・ Hatsune Miku Girl Doll ・・・∞・・・ Kagamine Rin Boy Doll  ・・・∞・・・ Kagamine Len Daughter  ・・・∞・・・ Megurine Luka Master  ・・・∞・・・ KAITO Master’s wife  ・・・∞・・・ MEIKO Maid  ・・・∞・・・ GUMI Butler  ・・・∞・・・ Kamui Gakupo Mistery voice ・・・∞・・・??? How can we return home? It doesn’t end until the applauses stops The girl is alone […]