The strife between the teacher and the girl 2° trial “Victim’s Diary” – Vocaloid English Lyrics

“If thats true I can’t go to the paradise”. “If you desired it, I’ll take you now there” “Sensei* what lesson is this?… It’s dark I can’t see anything” “There’s nothing to be afraid of. I’m here.” You were covering a lie I noticed by myself. Someday you  wanna to be confort At least I […]

先生と少女騒動~第一審公判~ The strife between the teacher and the girl English Lyrics

You’re locked up in a miniature garden I’ll keep you here until you can grow wings I’ll raise you carefully, so you won’t broke I know what is called “now” is an ephemeral irony of the previous days so -Your feeling is passed Contrary to your feelings Redly it become swollen. For the ideal I […]

Messiah of desire- Kagamine Len- English & Romaji Lyrics

Now I am going through you with desire I’ll make you feel it till the inside of your mind I’m the messiah that will release your sense So would you try to accept… me Alone… meeting loneliness, by your side “I was smiling” For pluck off the ripened fruit I was just controlling you ah- […]

Junjou haabivuoo – Kagamine Len & Rin – English & Romaji

English -Coy Herbivore *= Rin *=Len  Hiding my inside a hot palpitation is scraping out right now! Just a dangerous atmosphere, something unpleasant I pretend to not see you and try to dodge you aa what a shame. again! coward I am such useless Excuse me but… you look like a sluggish man quickly go back […]

KIMI GA INAI SORA NI BOKU WA CHIKAU- Len Kagamine English & Romaji Lyrics

I promise a sky without you – Len kagamine English I will never forget your kind smile I couldn’t save you, my hands are empty I skip the second period to go to meet you Running fast through the stairs At the opposite side of the door, far away I stared at you and at […]

The young emperor of the forest- Rin Kagamine English & Romaji Lyrics

English As I am the light avoid me I stand towering about,  all the world is wrapped up My sleep  fallen into ruins , in the interval of my dream I heard your dim voice  In this forest the hope nonexistent You are the only one that can struggle with my pain  I can hear […]

Paradichlorobenzene English & Romaji Lyrics

Kagamine Len ~English Why do I sing for? Paradichlorobenzene I just sing without understanding the meaning Paradichlorobenzene So, I began to run seeking for answers Paradichlorobenzene Although I already know there was nothing left for me Come let’s sing, let’s dance Paradichlorobenzene Come let’s scream, let’s shout Paradichlorobenzene The dog, athe cat, the cow, the […]