The Last Supper- English translation- VanaN’Ice

Why won’t you eat me? Even if I’m tasteless I hate to stay here If you eat me we’ll live together We meet again So, this night will also be a fun dinner The knife in the right hand The fork in the left Taste it, let’s eat Tonight is a special night We prepared […]

Relief – IA- Sele

I feel your warmth, obstructed far away The desire of sadness, guiding me to eternity Inside of the misted hand, melting collapsing The captured body is creaking, breaking.   Being captured, looking at the moon illuminating the dark night sky Absorbed in lonesome, pain, I continue to cry From my injured memories The draw warmth […]

Beats Of Silence- Kokone English Lyrics

I don’t forget the feeling of hugging you Inside of loneliness I continue to cry Believing in a phantom I was regretting it My memory is empty, my feelings are crossing. In a quiet night it resound the sound of rain pass through My face is reflected in the pool looking something distant. The time […]